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  •   My A/C unit wasn't working and I've gotten service from R&R several times in the past so I called them again. I received service from Kyle and he is the best. He diagnosed the issue immediately and was quite thorough in his work and follow up.  I am very satisfied with the results!

    thumb Jaime C.
  •   R&R has been our HVAC contractor for several years. They installed a Mitsubishi split system 4 years ago on my 3rd floor and also installed a new air handler and AC compressor on the roof two years ago..
    Ramon is very professional and knowledgeable. Rosa and Vicky in the office are also professional and attentive to our requests. The entire company is very technology advanced so you are called, emailed, & texted so that you know when they are coming, how far away they are and the bill is emailed immediately.
    I thoroughly trust them for all of our HVAC needs.

    thumb ted z.
  •   CAME THROUGH IN THE CLUTCH!!!!  I had this  STEAM BOILER that went out on me.  So I called a handful of HVAC TECHS and and many of them didn't have a clue on how to repair it and just reccomend replacing the whole thing.  When Ramon came out he thoroughly disected the system and gave me a sign of relief when he found a few things wrong that were repairable &  a solid cleaning because years of neglect.
        Unfortunately after the cleaning their were a few more problems that were too risky to repair and might not work.  So we eventually switched the whole system to a more sufficient heating system.  They got the job done very fast,  and correctly and didn't leave the property into a construction site!
     Rosa the secretary helped educate me on heating systems and debunk all of the myths and false information about heaters, heating systems and helped me make an educated informed decision. I felt very comfortable and informed before I spent one cent with these guys.

    thumb Ralph P.
  •   Great service, great price. Didn't try any kind of up charge, etc. Our air conditioning unit was overflowing and leaking into the lower floors. Mike came out and cleaned the unit, explained what he was doing, and why. Great overall experience, and I would highly recommend them.

    thumb James D.
  •   They didn't have much experience with wood pellet stoves. Not that I was able to find anyone who really did.

    thumb Patrick M.
  •   Our heat went out during the week & our landlord has an account with R&R. I was contacted almost immediately and offered same-day, on-call assistance, but I opted for a scheduled appointment the following day. The next day, the technician was supposed to arrive from 12-2, but he did not arrive until 2:45, without any prior notice that he was running late.

    Upon arrival, he was very friendly and was able to diagnose our HVAC issue within a few minutes.

    Went out to the truck, replaced a part & our heat was back on within 15-20 min. He was a pro!

    thumb Laura P.
  •   I have been avoiding writing a review of R+R because I feel such tremendous guilt not being able to give them 5 Stars....

    The project was the relocation of our Existing Air Handler from one area of our basement to another, while editing some of the existing duct work (primarily our VERY enormous Air Return, which I affectionately referred to as a Sandworm ala Bettlejuice). We contacted 5 HVAC Contractors, including R+R to bid the job (based on Yelp and Angie's List Reviews).

    I quickly realized why R+R had such high reviews and everyone was stoked on their customer service. I called to schedule an appointment with Rosa who was friendly and helpful. Ramon came, exactly at the scheduled time (with a text notification he was on his way!) and was friendly, personable, and professional. He was very thorough and I felt 100% confident in hiring him and his team to do work in our home. For those curious, of the 5 Contractors we called we received 3 quotes--and R+R's was right in the middle (and from what I could tell, totally worth it).

    The first day the work was to be done, Mike + Tony (who were equally as professional and friendly) came on time and ready to work. The two day job certainly was not an easy one but these guys stayed in high spirits and reviewed any questions, comments or concerns they had with me as they went along. Overall the project was straightforward and painless for me as a homeowner--almost too good to be true!

    At the end of the 2nd day (just before 5pm and they had been there since just after 8am) Mike made it clear they had another job to go to. They reviewed a few things with me, told me I could turn the AC back on, and we seemed good to go. In looking around, I noticed a few areas where the ducts had not been sealed (or were missing mastic) and air was leaking pretty significantly. They had me go around all of the ducts and locate any leaks and seal anything I felt was an issue while they were on the phone (presumably with the next client). I was a little concerned about this (since I am not a professional HVAC Contractor) but went with it.

    The next morning, although the AC was on it was NOT cold. We called R+R and Mike came out pretty soon thereafter. Within minutes he diagnosed that the Motor had died and that it was going to be more money to have it replaced. They were quite insistent that this had nothing to do with the other work they completed and that I was going to have to pay. I was pissed, mostly because now Ramon would not speak to me and instead he and Mike spoke in Spanish on the phone with Mike as the middle man relaying back to me. This was beyond frustrating, but we agreed to a price and they came out and replaced the motor. This was another 1/2 a day job.

    After they left I was bitter but I thought "OK. Put yourself in this situation as the Contractor. Maybe he's right--he can't control the age or functionality of the existing equipment". OK! I felt better about it and thought I would leave a solid 4 star review. Well....fast forward 10 weeks....and now it doesn't work AGAIN! And this time, the thing that is broken IS something they replaced. I'm so disappointed. As a homeowner it is so hard to find good, quality workmanship. Overall, I was really bummed at the way Ramon handled it. 🙁

    thumb Theresa A.
  •   They returned this Spring and found the leak. Unfortunately the outside unit had to be replaced. We had another company come and take a look with the same conclusion, but R&R had a better price. They came this Friday and gave us a 11:00-1:00 time block. Showed up just before 1:00. Did a good job. Our AC is now running normally again!

    thumb Adrienne F.
  •   I wish all contractors were this good at what they do and this easy to work with.

    Friendly, easy to schedule appoint, did not try to up sell or overcharge.  (I have a family member who knows AC problems well and  confirmed this was a spot on price for the work done.)  The owner is the person who did the work.  I like that they didn't send out some newbie tech.  They got my AC working again and I am happy.  

    Could I ask for more?  Yep, he also helped me hook up my dehumdifier into a drain spout and hoist it onto a high shelf.  He didn't charge me - it only took 5 minutes.  But I have a bad back and greatly appreciate that he took the time to do it.

    thumb Kendrah R.
  •   I am very disappointed with R&R Mechanical and can not recommend them. During the visit I feel as though the staff, the technician on duty and his boss who was on the phone were using scare tactics to get me to purchase a furnace  ( Asked a few times if I had a carbon monoxide detector because if anything happened because I refused to have them replace furnace they did not want it on their conscience). I was charged 85.00 for a diagnostic which failed to yield the fact that I needed a new thermo coupler (The furnace stayed lit for 3 hours after the technician left. I was charged an additional 225.00 for a deep cleaning. When I called someone else in the next day they quesitoned the "cleaning" of the furnace. The Better Business Bureau along with any other entity I can think to contact needs to be aware of the business practices of Rand R Mechanical because I don't want it on my conscience that other consumers could be taken advantage of by this company.

    thumb Natalie K.


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